Website Design

Having a website is as important and necessary as having a phone number by today’s standards.

Websites are an affordable and cost effective way to market your business. Your annual cost of having a website may be less than the cost of a one-time print ad. The information on your site can save you time and money. For example, you can save time by reducing phone call inquiries such as “what are your business hours” and save money by reducing printed promotional materials.

Do your competitors have a Website? If they do, you should have one too! If they don’t, this is a perfect opportunity for you to stand out from the competition!

Willetts Services Include:

Website Redesign

A website redesign is just as important as designing a website itself. This is mainly because of the fact that once you design your website, over the passage of time, the concept and look of the website looks old when compared to other websites. So instead of considering starting a new website, you can create a larger response and more visitors with a simple website redesign.


Content Management System (CMS)

Our content management system allows designated staff access to update your Website content 24/7 via user-friendly administration area. Anywhere you have access to the Internet; you have control of your website. It’s as simple to use as any Word document.
Changes and updates are quick, easy and code free!

Keep your Website fresh and up-to-date anytime, anywhere!



Allow your patients to securely pay online!

Ecommerce is a growing strategy that businesses are realizing is necessary to have as part of their business model.

Monetary transactions happen over secure gateways and encrypted channels, making ecommerce a reliable trading environment. Payments can be made with the use of Credit Cards, e-Checks, PayPal or even through traditional payment systems.


Social Networking

Using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to distribute the content of your website is a proven formula for success.

Generate interest in your website. Post product or service spotlights.  Give them something to talk about…Health tip of the week…helpful tips and ideas…notice of free events, clinics, etc.    

The interest you generate could lead to increased sales!

Professional Package - $850

Home page, Physicians/Staff, Practice info, Location/Maps, Links, FAQ's, and Insurance info


Advanced Package - $1650

All of the above plus Appointment requests, Prescription renewal, Ask the doctor and Pay my bill

Advanced Plus Package -$3360

All of the above plus Existing patient login, Online forms and Video feature

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